Hunting with a crossbow or bow

Well fellow hunters, the day is almost here. One more day until us hunters here in Utah can put in for this years hunts. Im really going to be crossing my fingers hoping that I can draw a limited elk tag.

I also might be muzzle-loading for deer this year.

Should be a great year.

Best of crossbowI was reading an article today in the great American Hunter magazine that the NRA publishes. They were talking about the serious wolf problem here in the West. If you dont read this magazine I recommend joining the NRA and subscribing to this magazine. It has a ton of great information that every hunter, sportsmen or gun owner needs to know.

In the article it talks about how hunters in Montana didnt meet the desired quota during the wolf season last year. So they extended the season until Feb 15th of this year. Thats exactly what we want to see happen. Were also keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that hunters in Montana will hit the quota and then some by using best hunting cross bow.

The article also talks about how the population of elk in Idahos Lolo region has gone from a healthy 16,000 elk to a mere 2,000 due to the wolves wiping them out. Idaho is saying that they must take drastic action to save the elk. They are planning on using helicopters and sharp shooters and government trappers to help control the out-of-control wolf population.

Thats great news. We applaud you Idaho. If youre in need of some sharp shooters that would be more than willing to take out some wolves. Please let us know and well gladly volunteer our services.

Well the Utah results for bearded turkey came out today and wouldnt you know it. It said
unsuccessful in my email. Which didnt surprise me all that much considering there are a lot of hunters in Utah that put in for a turkey tag.

Unlike other states that have too many turkeys, Utah doesnt have that many and isnt overrun with them yet.

They were introduced in Utah back in the 1980s and have flourished but not quite to the extent of other states. Like Texas for example.

Ill just keep putting in until I get lucky enough to draw one of these tags.

How easy is it to get a turkey tag in your home state?
This is a huge debate here in Utah and in some other states. I know when Im out with my crossbow I like to pack a sidearm. Preferably a .40 Smith & Wesson. I know the chances of having a mountain lion or bear hit me from behind are rare. Its like wearing a seat belt in my opinion though. Plus theres always the chance of those two legged crazies that sometimes run around the hills making people squeal like piggies. Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

If a lion or bear were to attack me I doubt that Id have time to pull out an arrow, load it, aim and fire. Whereas with my pistol I know that Id at least have a decent chance of getting off a fatal shot even if the lion or bear was on me.

Here in Utah the Fish and Game wardens dont like you packing a sidearm if youre hunting with any kind of bow or archery equipment. That is unless youre a concealed weapons permit holder. Which I am so I never worry about getting a ticket.

From what Ive read it is illegal here in Utah to open carry a sidearm if youre hunting with a crossbow or bow. Which in my opinion doesnt make sense. People who are going to break the law and shoot a deer or elk with a gun while bow or crossbow hunting, will do it with or without a law in place. And those of us who are law abiding citizens will never be pulling out our pistols to slay a deer or elk if our permit is a bow or crossbow tag.