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goose down duvets

 goose down duvets

Goose Down Duvet

What is a "duvet"? Is there a difference between a duvet and a down comforter? It seems there are a lot of confusions about duvets (Goose Down Duvets), down comforters, duvet covers. Before talking about Goose Down Duvets, I will try to make clear the difference of these bedding terms.

A comforter is just a cloth bag about the size of the bed which is filled with down, feathers, or some other synthetic products…

So, what is a duvet? A duvet, pronounced "due-vay" which means "down" in old French, is basically the same thing as a down comforter.

Duvet cover is mainly like a big pillowcase cover that a comforter/duvet is inserted into. It is used for protecting and decorating a down comforter.

Reason for the misunderstanding about those bedding terms is because many people in the U.S. say "duvet" when referring to a duvet cover (maybe they think saying 'duvet cover' was redundant). Most people in Europe and Canada refer to a comforter as a duvet.

Goose Down Comforter

It’s a safe bet that you’ve never heard a goose complaining about the cold! Thick fluff that grows on their undersides keeps them protected and warm, even in the coldest water. Goose down is incredibly insulating, while still lightweight and breathable. That is the reason bedding created from goose down is such a popular choice.

There are many types of down comforters available on the market, ranging from those made from synthetic down alternatives to those made from feathers and down. However, among the finest, the most luxurious is Goose Down Duvet.

The clusters in goose down are usually thicker and bigger than duck down, therefore, goose down comforters are lighter in weight, more breathable and have more insulation power than other comforters. Also, goose down does not have an unpleasant smell that can be found in duck.

Different types of geese have different types of down and create different types of comforters.

Canadian Goose Down is well known around the world as the best goose down available, because of the following factors:

  • The Canadian geese down quality are very good in order to keep up with cold weather in Canada.
    They are raised in the heartland of Canada... the wide-open prairies which is in the freshest, the cleanest environment left on earth for raising livestock.
  • Canadian geese are grown bigger and stronger than any other domestic goose around the world. They have a breast size that's up to 2 times larger, permitting them to have a stronger, longer lasting goose down layer.
  • Canadian down Fill Power can reach over 800.

Hungarian goose down has been used throughout the world for many years. Similar to Canadian, Hungarian geese are also grown larger and stronger than most other domestic geese in the world. Their down quality is superior and very consistent. Hungarian goose down Fill Power averages over 700

Chinese geese are the smallest of all domestic raised geese. Because of their very active nature, these geese remain very lean throughout their short life span. Chinese goose down is usually very brittle, and have lower Fill Power (less than 600) when comparing to Canadian and Hungarian down.

I'm sure that you've heard about Siberian Goose Down comforters which are rated very high on the market. However, there is no such thing as Siberian Goose Down. It appears to be only a very clever marketing "trade name." A major supplier of Siberian Goose Down states:
"We have marketed and sold a high end, expensive, European region product called Siberian Goose Down for a couple of years or more in this country and world wide. We have never claimed this product to represent a single country of origin"

Goose down duvets and duvet cover set are available from many online outlets. Remember to spend a little time to read through "Consumer Reviews" before making your decision on your down comforter sets.

Also check out Down Alternative Comforters if you believe that you are allergic to goose down or feather.





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